The Rights of The People

With ever increasing laws restricting the rights of gun-owners, 1791 Liberty Arms has made it their mission to support and uphold the second amendment through charitible contributions to institutions such as: , National Association for Gun Rights and Frontsite Firearm Training, that “the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”

Your Gunsmith Resource

1791 Liberty Arms exists to provide you with a trusted source for your firearm needs. As a fully licensed manufacturing FFL we can manufacture, sell, modify, repair, and transfer firearms and provide services that other non-licensed manufactures can’t. It is our business to keep your guns working in safe and top-notch condition to maximize your shooting experience!

Need a Firearm Transfer?

With reasonable transfer fees we make it fast and easy to put your firearm in your hands. Check out our FFL and Tips on how to have a safe gun transfer.