Shoot Straight – Accurize Your Firearm

You hold your breath, you maintain a good site picture, you gently press your trigger yet you still miss the bulls-eye. If you are having trouble with the accuracy of your firearm bring it to us. There are things we can do to get your firearm shooting straight….or if we determine that the shooter is the issue ask us about firearm training.

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Trigger Tuning/Polishing

Removes burrs and rough edges that cause your trigger to hang and catch thus making your trigger feel pounds lighter without the need for additional parts. Tuning the trigger gives you smooth operation helping to improve accuracy.

Muzzle Lapping:

Polish and remove burrs on the end of your rifle barrel caused by inconsistent manufacturing, abuse, or damaged muzzles. Lapping helps improve shot consistency by ensuring that your bullets exit smoothly from the end of the barrel.

 Complete Competition or Match Grade Trigger Replacements

Competition or match grade trigger assemblies combine a light weight trigger with an ultra smooth pull, and a clean release of your firing pin. These triggers range from match competition to tactical applications.

Floating the Rifle Barrel

Insures that you get a smooth harmonic out of every shot. Floating will help reduce barrel vibration due to uneven forces caused by stock contact. It will help you to improve your shot by allowing the barrel to maintain its neutral position after repeated shots.

Match Grade Barrel Replacements

After your trigger has been tuned, and your muzzle has been lapped you may still notice your accuracy declining. Over time barrels wear away causing variance in your shots. It may be time to replace your barrel.

Bedding the action of your Rifle

There are two kinds of bedding methods; glass and pillar. Although it recommended to have both methods combined they can be done by themselves. Bedding increases accuracy to your shot by relieving stress on the action of your firearm and ensures that your bolt and trigger assemblies have a perfectly solid mating surface to the stock. This process is recommended for most bolt action rifles.

Glass Bedding – For this method of bedding the entire bolt action is smoothed.
Pillar Bedding – Perfectly smooth areas are reserved for the bolt action only.

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