Pink Stag AR – with Cerakote

pinkAR_0048_squareNothing says I love you like her very own AR! A Custom Cerakote, Stag, LLC. AR15 in PINK. Magpul MOE Furniture with a Stag comp makes this gun easy to handle with almost no recoil, It has the 1:9 twist Chrome lined bore and chamber! It also comes with a pink single point sling! Contact 1791 Liberty Arms if you are interested in purchasing this model or having one custom built for your mom or wife ( or you). Cash Discount The above prices on this item reflect a 3% cash/check discount. This discount is not valid for credit card purchases. Add 3% to the total cost for credit card purchases. Please contact 1791 Liberty Arm LLC for any questions email. phone. 801-960-5064 Web. Buyer needs to verify gun is legal to own in there state.$1,500