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We make every effort to provide you with the best possible service. Get your firearm back into your hands or on your hip in a timely manner.

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 General Services

  • Glass Bed Action
  • Polish Chamber
  • Chamber Cast
  • Cut Stock & Fit Recoil Pad
  • Glass Bed Action

  • Polish Chamber
  • Chamber Cast
  • Fit Recoil Pad (no cut)
  • Adjustable Trigger

  • Trigger Job (non-adjustable)
  • Cut & Re-crown BBL
  • Install Sling Swivel Studs
  • Install Muzzle Brake

Accurize Services

  • Trigger Tuning
  • Muzzle Lapping
  • Competition Trigger Replacement
  • Match Grade Trigger Replacements

  • Floating Rifle Barrel
  • Match Grade Barrel Replacements
  • Bedding the action of your Rifle 


Cleaning Services

Customizing Services

  • Custom Butt Plate Installation for Glock, XD and XDM
  • Color Fill Your Engravings For a Custom Look. Standard colors apply.
  • Cerakote custom paint
  • Competition Weight Spring Kit


Glock Accurizing Package – Stainless steal or tungsten recoil rod capture assembly, competition spring set, trigger tuning. The Accurizing Package will improve your shot group through a lighter smoother trigger pull, and decreases muzzle-rise for faster follow-up shots. Custom or extra parts additional. Starting at: $175+Tax Gen 4 pricing available upon request.
Ultimate Glock Competition Package – Transform your Glock. Matchgrade, or Custom Build to suite your shooting style. Includes extended slide stop, precision Magwell (multiple weights available), Pyramid Trigger® ultimate trigger system, Lone Wolf® ported barrel, tungsten guide rod and capture spring, competition spring kit, windage and elevation adjustable sites. Povide your own gun.
Glock Racegun Package – Each racegun should be tailored specifically for the shooter. Consult with 1791 Liberty Arms to develop your personalized racegun.
California AR Conversion Package – Liberate your California AR by adding a threaded barrel with a flash hider or suppressor of your choice, and collapsible stock. Bi-pods and forend upgrade also available. (Not available in all states.)


Not exactly sure what some of the terms mean? Check out our Dictionary of Terms.

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